We Plan and Organize all types of Events in Dubai and across UAE

Events, regardless of their nature, require a meticulously outlined plan that covers every little detail for a smooth execution. Our event management team has more than a decade of experience in helping clients from diverse industries plan, organize and execute industrial and commercial events. Our event management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Event budget planning
  • Planning and design
  • Vendor management
  • Logistics management
  • Event technology management
  • Marketing management

Our Event management services include a comprehensive set of strategies that are geared towards helping your company execute a successful event that fulfills your company’s event goals in the best possible way.

Our process

We ensure that our event management services are well-aligned with your event goals. Our process includes a 3-step process that approaches your event management goals precisely for accurate results.

Event Planning and development

Before outlining an execution strategy, we discuss the event with your administration to understand your event goals. We provide you with the list of resources that can be utilized in order to fulfill your event goals. We outline a plan for execution after discussing the prominent details of the event.

Event Budget allocation

We decide the budget allocation for both resources and management services to make sure that everything is covered within the set budget.

Event Implementation

We consistently communicate with your administration throughout the event implementation process to make sure that the timeline for deliverables is on track and that the event implementation occurs without a hindrance.


Turnkey Exhibition Stand Design & Construction Dubai


Arranging and coordinating an exhibition is a highly intricate task that requires special attention to detail for a smooth execution. We absorb the major responsibilities of arranging an exhibition so you can focus on more important organizational tasks. Our team handles everything from service contractors to sponsors and everything in-between to help you find a comprehensive solution to all your exhibition management needs. Our prominent services include, but are not limited to:

  • Exhibit services

  • Budget planning

  • Exhibition design and planning

  • Exhibit implementation

  • Booth reservations

We have been providing our clients with award-winning exhibition coordination and design services. Our high specialized and trained staff meticulously targets every little detail to ensure proper execution of your cooperate exhibition.

Our exhibition management services include a comprehensive set of strategies that not only fulfill the necessary requirements but also allow you to enjoy additional perks that include floor plans, proprietary technological facilities and much more to make your exhibition a stunning corporate event.

Our process

We get involved with every intricate detail of the exhibition. Our process includes 3 crucial steps that help us outline an actionable event management strategy.

Exhibition Planning and Design

Planning and design is the most important part of any exhibition, and we ensure proper planning by taking into account all the intricate and small details of your corporate exhibition in this step in order to outline an executable event management strategy.

Exhibition resource allocation

We allocate budget where it s needed the most to make sure that you take home the best value for your money.

Exhibition Implementation

Our team follows a comprehensive plan to ensure the right execution of your corporate exhibition.

Our team will guide you from creative design, consultation, onsite project management, fabrication and build up to completion.

Our designers develop advanced 3D simulations, so you know exactly what your final stand will look like, ensuring you get exactly the stand you want on time and on budget with the highest quality and premium materials.

Whether you supply us with your main concept or we create it for you, our team (creative & production) will deliver it perfectly.


We are a leading full service video & photography Production in Dubai, providing a range of services for the business, industrial and commercial sectors. These include corporate promotional videos, training programs, marketing videos, videos specially designed for exhibitions, trade shows, prestige events, videos optimized for web marketing, branding..
All our work is produced in-house with our most distinctive asset, a team of producers, filmmakers, directors of photography and videographers who are passionate about what they do.
Our aim is to create video & photography content that is tailored for our clients needs to showcase their business or event in the most creative way!

Social Media Content

Our Production creativity and adaptability bring you the perfect visuals for your social media strategy.

Live Streaming

With its ability to be shared instantly and interactive possibilities, live streaming is the emerging extension to video marketing. Its popularity speaks volumes.
Broadcast your latest launch. Take a tour around your new facility and introduce the team. Provide a live cooking demonstration. Respond to your viewers’ questions in real time.

Corporate Events

Coverage of your event can be as important as the event itself, if you want it to continue to retain and grow bookings every year.
We capture the essence of your corporate event on any scale. Whether it’s a conference, business forum, product launch or large-scale exhibition.
Our onsite team of multiple cameramen ensures you get the coverage you need.
We keep in mind exactly where and how you want to use the footage. We can also provide live updates to be used as social media content as the event unfolds – or leading up to your next event.

Motion Graphics and Animation

2D & 3D Animation & motion graphics are an excellent way of presenting facts and figures.
Whether it’s a brand awareness initiative, new product launch, promotional video or a showcase of your capabilities, we work frame-by-frame to get your message across in a way that people will engage with and remember.

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